The key Ancillary Cells, constituted in the college to support, strengthen and supplement the academic pursuits include the following:

1-P T A

2-College union


        a) E D Club

        b) Career guidance cell

        c) Cultural Club

        d) Women’s cell


As per the guidelines of UGC and the university, a PTA (Parents- teachers association) has been in operation in the college, since the institution was founded. With the principal as its president, the organization’s activities are in full swing, to ensure the welfare of the student community, thanks to the dynamic members from parents’ and teachers’ side. It intervenes in all issues arising in the college from time to time, and finds amicable solution to them to the satisfaction of all concerned.


College Union

Adhering to UGC rules, a Students’ Union is constituted by the elected representatives of the students, every year. This body of the representatives of the students functions properly as a link between students and the authorities and works for their welfare in all respects. It is a responsible body and a working platform for the creation of good leaders from among them.

EDUCOS College Union


Striking a balance between academic and non academic activities, various clubs function in the college with the objective of all round development of the students. The cultural club, ED club, Women’s Cell and Career Guidance Cell strive side by side for catering to the needs of the time and meeting the demands of the fast transforming field of education.

Educos ED Club

ED Club

To create a new entrepreneur trend and culture in the state of Kerala ,the department of industries Govt. of Kerala has launched the Entrepreneurship Development Club in colleges. The major objectives of the club is to motivate the members to venture into industrial activity to change the negative attitude prevailing in the state.

EDUCOS Arts & Science College Kuttiadi also joined this stream of the Govt. of Kerala by establishing the ED Club (Entrepreneurship Development Club) in the academic year 2019-2020.After formation ED Club has conducted entrepreneurial awareness programme inside and outside the campus.

ED Club was formed this year with Mr.Sujesh.K (Assistant Professor) as its co-ordinator and 30 students from Dpt. Of Commerce and Management Studies of this college are members.

Career guidance cell

Career guidance cell

Career Guidance & Placement Cell plays a crucial role in sensitising students to the vast spectrum of career options, upskilling the aspirants in cracking competitive exams, honing interview skills and mentoring them to secure placement in campus recruitment drives. With these objectives in view Career Guidance & Placement Cell has been effectively functioning at EDUCOS with the Principal as Patron and Sri Nidhin Raj A K, Asst Professor, Dept of Commerce as Co ordinator. Under the auspices of the Cell various programs like Quiz Competitions , Career Guidance sessions, Mock Interviews etc are being conducted .

Educos Cultural club

Cultural club


A CULTURAL CLUB, “Sargachethana”, was formed in our college in 2018 with Mr.Chandran.P.C, Assistant professor, department of English, as its coordinator. Since then, it has been functioning for the enhancement of student awareness of multiplicity of cultural and artistic entities. A committee consisting of a faculty coordinator, a few faculty members, student elected members and student volunteers plan and organize various programmes which can best promote community living and artistic experience.

It aims at promoting vibrant campus experience for the students, organizing innumerable activities pertaining to performing arts and cultural activities in order to ignite their potential and enhance aesthetic experience. We constantly strive for the realization of the latent flair in each and help blossom the same. It will be a boon to all who set foot in our prestigious institution.

Educos Women Cell

Womens cell

Women’s Cell is a statutory students body of Calicut University functioning in all affiliated colleges. The cell coordinates programmes concerning gender sensitisation and women’s empowerment. The cell has been active ever since the first batch registered at the college